Welcome to Poisoned Youth! We are a member-driven Harry Potter roleplay that strives to create an environment rich in character development and community without a restricting plot or binding expectations. You are the main character of your story.
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 Badge Claim
Spiral Heart Moon Rod
Never Never Land
She / Her
RP RATING: NC-17 Rated Poster
Character Badges
For Your Profile
If your character qualifies for any of the badges below, simply claim them with a post below with the code! We will delete your post once we've implemented the badge! We ask that you have been an active member of the forum for a week before claiming awards, but once that week grace period has passed you can claim immediately for every character you make!

If you have more ideas for badges, also, feel free to make a suggestion in the 'Accio Moderator' board! I can't promise I'll take all the suggestions and their creation will depend on if I can manage it, but I'm happy to try!

More always coming soon!

These were all hand pixelated by Tany and belong to her. Please do not use them outside of Poisoned Youth without permission!

Student Authority Badges
Hufflepuff Prefect Slytherin Prefect
Ravenclaw Prefect Gryffindor Prefect
Head Student
School Authority Badges
Headmaster Headmistress
Professor Substitute Professor
Librarian Groundskeeper
Head of Ravenclaw Head of Gryffindor
Head of Hufflepuff Head of Slytherin
Head Healer Healer
Quidditch Badges
Slytherin Captain Slytherin Quidditch Player
Ravenclaw Captain Ravenclaw Quidditch Player
Huffleuff Captain Hufflepuff Quidditch Player
Gryffindor Captain Gryffindor Quidditch Player
Wealth Status Badges
Wealthy! Character comes from a rich family. Generally pure blood, old money. Uncommon.
Upper Class! Not from old money, but definitely has money available. Common.
Middle Class! Character comes from a well-off family. Parents have good jobs, family does well for themselves. Common.
Working Class! Character comes from a family who works hard for what they have, has little extra spending money. Very common.
Special Abilities Badges
Seer! Animagus!
Graduate Badges
Hufflepuff Graduate Slytherin Graduate
Ravenclaw Graduate Gryffindor Graduate
Beauxbatons Graduate Durmstrang Graduate
Ilvermorny Graduate Mahoutokoro Graduate
Blood Status Badges
Coming soon...

Please fill out a new code for each award you're redeeming!


[b]Character:[/b] please provide their FULL FIRST AND LAST NAME
[b]Award:[/b] the award name
[b]Reference:[/b] link to an application, post, or other to give reason why you're claiming the badge; remember some things need to be purchased through the sickle system!

[b]Please fill out a new code for each award you're redeeming! That means multiple codes for the same character, not one per character![/b]
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