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Spiral Heart Moon Rod
Never Never Land
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Wand Information
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Wizardkind receive their wand when they collect their school supplies, generally at age ten/eleven, and grow to master using it. Branching away to do non-verbal spells is a difficult practice and not the norm, but it is plausible with time!

Goblins and house elves are not allowed to possess a wand; a student expelled from Hogwarts will have their wand snapped; wands belonging to those sent to Azkaban are stored until the criminal is released. Ghosts, assuming their physical form was buried, would have been buried with their wand, otherwise the wand will have been burned; ghosts cannot use wands.

A Wand is a magical object through which the bearer channels their magical powers. Most spells are done with the aid of a wand, even though it is possible to perform magic without one. Wands have different cores, woods, lengths and flexibility-- these factors, along with the owner's life experience and magical ability, combine to define a wand's character. As a result, no two wands are exactly alike. Wands choose the bearer in a way that is neither random, nor serendipitous. There is much ancient mythology and botanical knowledge regarding the powers and natures of wood and other natural elements.

Wand Cores
The core of the wand is like the soul of the bearer: it represents your true nature, skills, and intentions. Please be aware that all cores obtained from creatures and beings that will die upon removal-- Such as the plucking of a Veela hair. --have been retrieved after they've fallen out/off. Is there something missing that you'd like as a core? Talk to the staff, maybe they'll add it!

Phoenix feather
Dragon heart string
Unicorn hair (mane or tail)
Werewolf hair
Mermaid hair
Centaur hair (mane or tail)
Kelpie hair (mane or tail)
Veela hair
Hippogriff feather
Hippogriff tail hair
Peacock feather
Kneazle whisker
Troll whisker
Dragon ash
Dragon whisker
Dragon scale
Dittany stalk
Doxy wing
Pixie dust
Acromantula web
Augurey feather
Griffin feather

Wand Wood
Very few trees produce wand-quality wood, although these trees can usually be identified if they have Bowtruckles. Additionally, in the adjoining post, you can find the Celtic calendar and the woods associated. Current known wand woods are:

Acacia - Alder - Apple - Ash - Aspen - Beech - Blackthorn - Black Walnut - Cedar - Cherry - Chestnut - Cypress - Dogwood - Ebony - English Oak - Elder - Elm - Fir - Hawthorn - Hazel - Holly - Hornbeam - Larch - Laurel - Mahogany - Maple - Oak - Olive - Pear - Pine - Poplar - Red Oak - Redwood - -Rosewood - Rowan - Silver lime - Spruce - Sycamore - Vine - Walnut - Willow - Yew

Wand Flexibility
Wand flexibility or rigidity denotes the degree of adaptability and willingness to change possessed by the wand-and-owner pair. Possible flexibility descriptions include:

Quite Bendy
Surprisingly swishy
Slightly springy
Fairly bendy
Very flexible
Quite flexible
Reasonably supple
Slightly Yielding

Wand Length
Most wands are between 9-14 inches long, but can be shorter or longer (Lucius Malfoy's was 18", whereas Umbridge's wand was "unusually short"). Some wand-makers will match the wand length to the height of witch or wizard who will use it, but most find this an inadequate reading. Longer wands tend to be drawn to bigger personalities whereas shorter wands suit people whose character lacks something, or someone who is a quieter, meek presence.
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