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 House Guide
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House Guide
Basic Run Down
To clear up some common misconceptions about the houses thanks to how the books portray them from strictly Harry's PoV, I've compiled a quick explanation of each to give you a better grasp of where to sort your characters! The staff at PY will not choose your house for you! We are very adamant that, though your character may show pieces of more than one house, there is always a perfect house for everyone. No Slytherclaws or Gryffinpuffs here, thank you! Keep in mind, JK Rowling has stated that the Sorting Hat takes into consideration the sort of traits they value, not necessarily their personality. This explains why Hermoine was sorted into Gryffindor over Ravenclaw, because she valued bravery over book smarts.
Scarlet and gold, lion mascot. Driven by passion. Reactive. Values bravery, chivalry, and courage. Though the sort to act first and think later, Gryffindor isn't necessarily stupid. They have no time to sit and work out problems, because they've already made the defining decision to act! They make changes, make mistakes, make things happen, and are proud to say they have. Though their pride could be their downfall; they are quick to stand by one another, not necessarily due to loyalty like Hufflepuff, but because of pride, because of their moral center.
Green and silver, snake mascot. Guided by reason. Proactive. Values ambition, innovation, and determination. It is a common misconception that this is the 'evil' house - Slytherins are not inherently evil. Whilst Salazar Slytherin did value purity, the house itself has since evolved. Slytherin houses those who value goals and achieving them however they deem necessary and, while that may require pushing others out of their way, it doesn't always make them cruel. The end justifies the means, essentially.
Blue and bronze, eagle mascot. Driven by passion. Proactive. Values intelligence, creativity, and wit. Often defined by their brains alone, Ravenclaw is so much more than that. They are the figurative embodiment of both the left and right brain - logical, analytical, yet also creative and clever. Ravenclaws will often choose to observe and learn all the angles to tackle something before taking it on. They're introspective, sometimes second guessing themselves in matters they're not fully knowledgeable in, but not for long, as they'll gladly find the answer eventually.
Yellow and black, badger mascot. Guided by reason. Reactive. Values hard-work, kindness, and patience. While considered mediocre, Hufflepuff values those sort of traits: fairness, equality, that hard-work should be rewarded regardless of the outcome. Helga Hufflepuff may've 'took all the rest', but that certainly doesn't mean those students didn't fit elsewhere; in fact, it's quite possible that they fit everywhere. Unafraid of toil like Gryffindor; driven and hard-working like Slytherin; just and kind like Ravenclaw - Hufflepuffs embody bits of the other houses and still stand on their own merit, patient and true to themselves.
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