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 You really got a hold on me, Lexer
Briar Westbrook
Fifth Year
14", Alder, Unicorn Tail Hair
Staffs, England
PRONOUNS: she/her
RP RATING: NC-17 Rated Poster
Being a triplet, there were so many misconceptions. People assumed she was more like her siblings than she truly was. Maybe they believed that the same competitive spirit that ran through them ran through her too. Others thought that she too, was a prefect, or that she was a quiddich player, or played music. In truth, Briar felt so disconnected from her siblings. She wasn’t anything like them on the surface. But she wasn’t even anything like them on the inside either. She wasn’t tenacious, or personable. She was nervous and shy, and quiet. She was nothing compared to them.

Watching her siblings make friends so easy, well it had made her feel some kind of pressure. Their excited talks as they spoke about their activities, and new friends they’d made doing them. Briar didn’t add much, she’d talk about a book she’d read, or some new animal she’d studied. She was the weakest link out of the three, and it was never more obvious than when they were together, all three or even just two. 

It was still where she was most comfortable, between her siblings, behind them, holding them back.

So usually, the moment she saw one, she’d grab them for dear life. Which is what happened when Briar saw Lexer. She immediately sped up and grabbed hold of his robes, fingers gripping tightly and not letting go. No words were needed immediately, her head bowed to not look in any general direction as they walked down the hall.

@Lexer Westbrook
Lexer Westbrook
Fifth Year
11", Maple, Boomslang Venom
Staffs, England
He / Him
RP RATING: NC-17 Rated Poster
Lexer knew as soon as someone grabbed his robes who it was. There was no other person willing – or even brave enough to do so. Lexer wasn’t a very sociable person, and so it was no surprise – if any, really – that people didn’t come right up to him and try to hold his robes. Usually, he’d flip out on them, screaming his head off. Even as a prefect, he would still get agitated if some random first year came up to try and hold his hand. Getting Prefect status helped even more to keep people at bay. He was helpful but just enough that he didn’t make anyone agitated at him. Even so...

But he knew Briar's familiar pull and he didn't even have to look over his shoulder to see who it was. He wished his sister spoke more. He knew he was quiet, he was always the quietest of the three, choosing to speak when necessary, but it felt like Briar was becoming farther and farther away from them. She didn't speak anymore. She didn't openly seem to make friends. The Slytherin, who might be distant and quiet, noticed, and he didn't like it.

He kept walking, knowing fully well she didn't care where they went. He could've led her to her death, and she would never be wiser. Not that Lex would do that. He might find both his sisters annoying for separate reasons, but that didn't mean he wouldn't literally slaughter someone for them. Briar was definitely no exception. He pulled her along the corridor and then around a corner. It was secluded. Nobody was there. Twenty more steps, and into an empty classroom, one that was rarely used. Once inside, he shut the door.

"Briar," he turned, pulling his robes from her fingers. They had time, didn't they? Lexer did, at least. "You really need to talk a little more. You're lucky I knew it was you, otherwise, you would've had a knockback spell hit you straight in your face."
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