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 Prefects, Head Students, and Captains
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First and foremost, we highly advise against have any one character be both a Prefect/Head Student and a Quidditch Captain. Logically these are extra-curriculars that would take time and energy on top of these students being required to keep up with their grades. There are just not enough hours in the day for one person to run Quidditch, patrol the corridors to catch students breaking curfew, attend meetings run by the Head Students (or run meetings if they are a Head Student), do their homework, keep their grades up, and have a social life! Be mindful of time management! We do not give students Time Turners to fulfill their duties.

Please keep this in mind when applying your character to these responsibilities! We will revoke these positions if we feel the weight of these responsibilities is being handled incorrectly.

Prefects are appointed by their Head of House; one male and one female (though we will accept one male/female and one non-binary, of course) from each house in their fifth year. These students will continue to be prefect throughout their sixth and seventh years unless demoted for any number of reasons. At any one time there are twenty-four prefects, six per house.

Prefects may deduct points from students in their own house, but may not deduct points from other houses; they can dole out detentions as needed. They are also given the password to the prefect's loo which is shared with the Quidditch Captains and Head Students.

Their duties include: directing the new first years of their house to their common room, assisting with decorating for events, patrolling the corridors of the Hogwarts Express at the beginning and end of year, patrolling assigned hallways during the year to ensure students are not breaking curfew, and attending meetings run by the head students.

Prefects receive the badge over the summer before their fifth year and can decline the badge if they wish or resign from their prefectship in any consecutive year.

While the Head Students may be chosen from the prefect candidates, this is not always the case. Characters here at PY will move up as prefects as they advance. If the other prefect has not advanced then, and only then, will the prefectship for that year double-up.

Head Students are chosen from any house in their seventh year by the Headmaster and Headmistress. Being a prefect prior to becoming a Head Student is not a requirement! These students are selected due to their academic achievement, reputation as a student around the school, as well as their positive attitude and honest personality. Head Students oversee the entire student body, including the prefects, and are responsible for keeping everyone in line; it's not a job everyone is cut out for.

Head Students may deduct points from every house, as well as dole out detentions. They fill in when a professor cannot, effectively becoming their second-in-command in times of need. They hold meetings with the prefects, organizing which prefects will patrol which corridors, overseeing the decorating of the castle for holidays and events, and generally being an extra pair of eyes. Their names are listed in the Trophy Room.

This coming summer the staff will begin choosing Head Students.

Quidditch Captains are chosen from current members of each house Quidditch team once the previous captain graduates. Fifth year or higher, the position is not given based on seniority.

Captains are required to hold Quidditch trials every quarter for new students to try-out for the team, weekly Quidditch training sessions, organize their house team, keep an updated roster of first and second string players, and are responsible for encouraging enthusiasm about upcoming Quidditch matches with their team and the student body.

Quidditch Captains can use the Prefect's loo despite not having prefect-like authority themselves. They can, however, punish their teammates as needed by forcing them to sit out a game if their attitude or attendance is lacking.

Co-Captainship is strictly a PY-given title appointed to those who will step in when the writer of the captain is MIA, absent, or unable to run a Quidditch game. Until we have legitimate Quidditch matches, co-captainship is simply a title. Co-captains do not automatically become Captains when the former graduates.

This coming summer the staff will begin choosing Captains and Co-Captains.

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